~ Nourish Your Spirit ~

Nourish Your Spirit

Empower Embody provides in-depth personalized study in the arts of yoga & meditation.


Whether you're looking for a unique approach to classical yoga that blends a variety of sacred wisdom traditions, or wanting to bring meditation into your daily life in a practical and personal way, Gianna's 25 years of teaching will set you on the path of self-discovery.

Unlike most yoga programs or classes, Gianna tailors each session, public and private, to the individual and teaches how to connect to the vital life force energies in the natural world. Her Earth Medecine Yoga Flow    series aligns the student with energetics of asana and sensory awareness. Her signature seasonal yoga ceremonies and Earth & Sky retreats are an experiential journey in to the sacred world of energy medicine, land based attunement and personal healing. 

Certified master yoga & meditation teacher, ceremony leader, art consultant, life coach, and medicine woman, if there is something you are wanting to manifest, heal or create, Gianna's skills and insight will help you create your own transformation.


Take that next step for personal growth and explore in-depth private yoga instruction, spiritual guidance and energetic clearing, or book a personal retreat at Hot Springs Ranch, Nevada.

Founded on the principles of Strength, Integrity & Spirit of Forrest Yoga, Buddhist mindfulness & psychology, and First Nation ceremonial practices, Gianna is dedicated to helping raise the quality & vibration of our lives, our communities and our planet.

Align your spirit with your life path.


Gianna Carotenuto, Ph.D. ~ yogini, teacher, art historian, professor, published author and leadership coach ~ brings unique methods and skills to awaken creative power & transform lives.

Gianna has walked the yoga path since 1989. Her mission is to assist people in redirecting their lives. Yoga addresses all aspects of who we are.  

 "Yoga addresses all aspects of who we are.

It's not just exercise, but a fine tuning of our inner wisdom that engages and remaps our body, minds and spirit."

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