June 30, 2017

More than a spiritual practice, zen is a way of living, available at any time any where. Consider cultivating zen in your everyday life. It doesn't require a special space, time or teacher. The teacher is you! Everyday zen requires pausing and noticing your surroundings, creating simple beauty in all that you do. Find it in small gestures, light falling on leaves, sounds of water pouring into a glass, footsteps falling, your self breathing.

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 I've found amazing consciousness-raising inspiration that I want to share with you in a unique and artful fashion.

I hope you will welcome more frequent communications and participate in my new blog page that features amazing curated content ~ art, good reads, sacred places and people. It is where we can meet to explore the wonders and beauties of a rich soul expanding life. 

Doing my best to keep it real in this virtual world!

In beauty,  

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