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Private Instruction


Join me for a dynamic personalized practice, deep healing and self-discovery.


Due to the current Covid crisis I am offering LIVE Online private and group classes.

Sustain your health & well-being. ~ Keep your practice in motion.

Book a private

For centuries, yoga was taught by one teacher to one student.

No other format can equal the the transmission of knowledge and wisdom that personalized practice can bring.

You will receive:

  • In depth understanding of subtle body anatomy and the energetics of asana.

  • A personalized home practice to maintain your yoga connection on your own schedule, anywhere anytime.

  • Guidelines for adjusting yoga poses to your body.

  • Methods for raising your energetic vibration and life force energy.

  • The keys to creating a personal mindfulness practice.

  • Yoga philosophy, Buddhist practices, and new ways of living


Choose 60 or 90 minutes sessions in the sanctuary of your home. 


"Connect to your breath. Connect to the earth. Connect to the life force energy (prana) flowing through you and all around you. Yoga is a celebration of the mystery and majesty of life."          ~ Gianna Carotenuto, Ph.D.

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Take yourself on a journey of Self discovery like no other. 

Explore your life from the inside out.

Each class in your private series will bring you resilience, strength and insight.  

Be more connected to your passion and purpose.

Ride the waves of life with grace and ease.

Begin a new way of living now!

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