Walk in Beauty
A Virtual Yoga Ceremony Series In Partnership with  Orcas Mandala Yoga & Bodywork Studio 

Tuesdays & Thursdays

9:30-10:45 am

April 7-May 7, 2020

What does it mean to "be" in sacred relationship? To ourselves, our family, community, and our planet? All beings? In Native American culture, this means to Walk in Beauty. 

This Yoga Ceremony Series uses the classical practices of yoga, meditation, and ceremony to become resilient in your life and strengthen your ability to navigate the deep waters of personal and collective consciousness. 

Each class will be a journey through the mind, body, and spirit to acquire valuable skills and techniques for yow to Walk in Beauty. 

Attend one or all in the series.

Single Session - $20

Week 1: April 7 & 9

Clearing the Obstacles ~ Cultivating COURAGE

Our bodies are the blueprint for our lives. They carry our emotions which manifest as action. Our thoughts create our reality. Can you clear out the obstacles that block your joy and power? Can you be fully present in both times of joy and of suffering? Build new neurological pathways for healing and change.


Week 2: April 14 & 16

Nourishing Your Heart ~ Restoring RESILIENCE

We live through pain and suffering. We celebrate joy, peace and health. The ancient yogis called this the cycle of existence, Samsara, and within it we find our strength, our purpose and the truth of our existence. ~ This class will unravel the negativity and restore your heart centered resilience.


Week 3: April 21 & 23

Balance Your Body ~ Earth MEDICINE

We are attuned to the seasonal rhythms of the planet. As technology increases we leave the medicine of the earth further behind. Balancing our bodies to the Earth cycles, we deepen our relationship to sacred flows~ Earth, Water, Sky, Fire, Air~ This class connects you to the healing power of  nature's cycles.


Week 4: April 28 & 30

Celebrate Your Spirit ~ Sacred SANCTUARY

Within each of us is an "invincible summer" that is aligned with the power of Earth and Sky. As we connect to the sacred part of ourselves, we create an invincible sanctuary that holds us gently through all the turmoil of life ~ This class will connect you to your spirit in remarkable ways that illuminate your personal truth. 


Week 5: May 5 & 7

Prayers for the Planet ~ Creating CONNECTION

We are part of the matrix of all beings. Our pain is the pain of the planet. Our joy is reflected in the sunsets and beauties of the forest. The Native Americans of the First Nations believe in the Hoop of All People, that we are all interconnected through spirit. Today we are literally connected through the internet, but also through our nervous system and environmental factors ~This class we create that connection to the oneness of all things & offer our prayers for the Planet.

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