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New Year New Energy

With Gianna Carotenuto and Dhyana Garcia

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

11:00 am - 2:00 pm (PST)

Breathing Room Studio

1001 NE Boat Street, Suite 2, Seattle, WA

In Studio - $69 ($59 early bird pricing)

Online - $49 ($39 early bird pricing)

Venmo Dhyana to Register


The lunar calendar offers a powerful energetic alignment to support balance and strength for the coming year. This workshop gathering is a time to prepare ourselves for the year ahead, and align the personal and sacred within ourselves so that we can live in greater harmony and balance.  Learn how to support your life using daily ceremony, body movement, breathing and earth energy. Gianna invites you to come as you are and be open to a journey of self-discovery and energetic attunement. Dhyana Garcia will facilitate Ayurvedic methods of dietary and seasonal support. Open for all levels of yoga experience. 

We invite you to pause and make time for this very special gathering  that will guide and teach you how to use the natural world to support your life in the New Year!

Come as You Are! This is an invitation to a sacred embodiment experience designed to heal, nourish and strengthen our selves for the year ahead. Learn simple skills to use in your daily life that will enhance your health, well-being and ability to experience life. 


What:  A group private/small class, high quality yoga experience ceremony led by master teacher Gianna Carotenuto in collaboration with mindful movement specialist Dhyana Garcia celebrating Lunar New Year and preparing our body, mind and spirit for the year ahead. 


Why: Our lives are enriched and strengthened through ceremony. Daily rituals, holidays, birthdays, weddings, funerals are the ways that most of us support the rhythms of our lives and participate in ceremonies. But what of the sacred relationship with ourselves? Can we create daily ceremonies and how might the earth support and nurture our lives? 


Experiential benefits: Co-create a vibrant healing circle and practice simple, nurturing body movements grounded in yoga. Learn ways that you can bring “ceremony” into your daily life. You will have an opportunity to release the obstacles of 2022 using meditation and yoga asana. Final reflections will empower your intentions to renew your body, mind and spirit for a clear, strong and balanced 2023!


About your teachers

Gianna Carotenuto, Ph.D. ~ yogini, professor, art historian, ceremonial leader, spiritual intuitive, published author, leadership coach ~ brings unique methods and skills to awaken innate creative power & transform lives. She sees yoga as a healing path to empower all aspects of our lives.

Dhayna Garcia, MFA. ~ mindful movement specialist, performing artist, Ayurveda wellness counselor, entrepreneur; co-owner of Breathing Room Studio and OnixBloom Integrative Retreats. Creatrix of Meditation in Motion movement programs~ she believes in the power of movement as a healing and transformative medicine.

More info about Lunar New Year’s background.​​


The Learning Space: The Breathing Room symbolizes the vitality of life force energy ~ Breath!

The Covid pandemic has compromised our ability to take “deep” breaths, feel comfortable with this vital life force energy. This workshop is using our natural state, body shape, size and rhythms to realign and energize our bodies. Using gentle yoga, the circulation of the body is enhanced and strengthened through the rhythm of the breath.


Earth as Healing Medicine: My unique approach is that the Earth, the Sky, the Stars, and all the elements are energy centers of healing. The earth is organized in cycles, phases and seasons. Yet many of us do not know how to access these as tools for living a stronger and more balanced life. When we attune to the earth’s rhythms we are in alignment with the highest form of energy, our illness, depression, anxiety and inner suffering is supported and healed. The Lunar Phase of the New Year is the most powerful annual transition, offering access for truly natural healing. How might we connect to this rich healing energy and its rhythms?


Workshop Flow:

  • Opening Sacred Space

  • Ceremony in daily life

  • Benefits of the Lunar New Year phase

  • Embody the Sacred 

    • Releasing 2022

    • Attuning with 2023

  • Final Reflections

    • Diet, Life Balance, 

    • Living the Sacred ~ ourselves, our community and our planet.

  • Closing Sacred Space


What to bring or prepare ~ 

In studio ~ bring your mat, water, sacred object, journal

*All yoga props, straps, blankets, bolsters will be cleaned.

At home~ create a clean, quiet space. Have yoga mat, blanket, pillow, sacred object and journal. 

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