Mastery Series


Yoga for Empowerment

Begins October 2018

Deepening the practice of self-mastery through yoga, meditation, and cultivating creative expression, these unique programs will give you the knowledge and tools to step into greater harmony and balance in your personal life while taking your yoga practice to a new level of mastery! 

  • Learn the tradition and history of yoga, its origins, philosophies, arcane & esoteric practices gurus & sadhu

  • Understand the Hindu textual traditions as basis for yoga practices ~ Patanjali Yoga Sutras 

  • Study the 8 limbs of the practice; deity systems of India Bhakti yoga and Buddhist meditation

  • Explore the Art of Asana in extended practice sessions

  • Realize the connection between mind & body through exploring the intersection of science & yoga

  • Take the inner journey of self-awareness 

  • Develop non-violent communication 

  • Expand your sense of personal integrity & ethics

  • Know your shadow self

  • Develop your inner healer


Yoga for Healing


All of us have the power to heal ourselves and others. This innate ability to heal can be strengthened through training and attunement. The art of yoga is one modality that teaches us how to enhance our ability to create conditions to bring about healing. Broader than physical practice, yoga offers many paths to harness the energetic matrix that informs the body. Join in a deeper study of the art of healing.


Master the arts of:

  • Yoga as therapy

  • Energetic medicine

  • Chakra study

  • Mind-body science 

  • Seasonal attunement

  • Conscious living practices

  • Mindfulness training

Designed for those working in wellness and healing professions, yoga and meditation teachers, and those individuals wanting to explore their own healing potential, this course is a journey to tune in to the deeper energetic and intuitive rhythms that you carry. 


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