Womb Wisdom: Yoni Steaming Workshop

Womb Wisdom: Yoni Steaming Workshop

Ancient Wisdom for Feminine Wellness

Awaken the wisdom of your sacred womb and experience the benefits and delight of floral yoni steaming. This fun workshop includes women’s sacred anatomy education, breathwork to release and tone the pelvic floor, simple movement to open the hips and pelvis, and a lovely guided meditation.

Yoni steaming (or vaginal steaming) is a powerful ancient remedy for deep feminine wellness. Used for centuries by women worldwide, this self-care treatment is a holistic health practice in which the warmth of herbal steam gently permeates the exterior of the vulva and opens the cervix. Yoni steaming provides effective support for the female reproductive system, improves menstrual health and fertility, and provides detoxification and relaxation. Using a blend of medicinal herbs, countless women have ended years of painful menstruation, achieved the dream of conceiving a child, or released trauma stored in their womb.

In this Experiential Workshop:

  • Explore the healing power of plant medicine for feminine wellness
  • Study the anatomy of the pelvic floor and women’s sacred anatomy
  • Understand the benefits of yoni steaming for moon cycle and womb support
  • Learn pelvic floor breathwork to relax and tone
  • Experience a simple movement practice to open the hips and pelvis
  • Enjoy a Guided Meditation to nurture connection and healing

Each participant receives of a bundle of steam herbs with instructions to use at home.

Learn more about our Root Medicine Healing blends for Yoni Steaming: www.rootmedicinehealing.com

$45 workshop + trial size Yoni Herbal Steam Blend

* Yoni Steaming is not appropriate for women who are pregnant or who are actively trying to conceive.

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