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Yoga Ceremony

Tune into the wisdom of the earth with Yoga Ceremony.


Yoga Ceremony

We honor the beginning of each season with a Yoga Ceremony to acknowledge the Solstice or Equinox (December, March, June, & September). Our planet informs us how to transition, and what in our life needs, pruning, planting or composting. It provides a highly creative opportunity to use our practice to honor our path, align ourselves with the rhythms of time, and consciously shift our way of being to address what needs to transform in our lives. When we open ourselves and pay attention to the patterns of the planet we gain deep understanding of the true nature of "being" not doing. With that wisdom we walk our lives with integrity and spirit.

What is Yoga Ceremony?

Ceremony is a sacred honoring, of ourselves and our lives. It is an opportunity to connect to what is precious and personal. We already celebrate our lives through national holidays or personal rituals.  The traditions of yoga & meditation  are designed to deepen our personal connection to our spiritual life.

Yoga Ceremony is powerful combination of personal ritual and physical realignment. Meditation opens your field of awareness. Yogic asana practice purifies and expands the body. Ceremony deepens and crystallizes your intentions. When mind, body and spirit come together in this way, transformation happens on a cellular level so you that you can actualize your personal goals, dreams and aspirations. 

~ Yoga Ceremony offers a different way to honor and celebrate the sacred part of ourselves ~ 


Yoga Ceremony is not associated with a particular religious belief or practice. In fact, you can stay connected to the source of your traditions and carry whatever belief system you have about spirituality or ritual, because you are exploring your own inner landscape. You are creating sacred connection in the way that is comfortable for you.

Email Gianna for more details or to register for upcoming workshops.

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