Mastery Series

Yoga for Personal Transformation

Online course begins September 2020


Yoga for Empowerment: Mastery Series 2017
gianna carotenuto

Yoga for Empowerment: Mastery Series 2017

Has your practice lost its dazzle ~ hit a plateau ~ become an obligation?


Are you ready to go deeper?


Are you caught up in the problems of life struggling to find solutions that resonate with your heart’s purpose?


Is your personal life needing artful expression?

Is your career ready for creative transformation?

If any of this rings true, the Mastery Series will take you to the next level.

Yoga is the inner journey into the landscape of our soul ~ linking body, mind and spirit through conscious breathing to create inner alignment that actualizes your potential.  Every breath we take is an opportunity for greater connection to self. 


Nine months of mastery study for self-empowerment includes:

  • Enlightened yoga sessions ~ including 4 equinox/solstice ceremonies

  • Personal coaching 

  • Vision Quest Meditations + Dream Project

  • Guest Teachers & Speakers

  • Yoga Alliance/Continuing Education Credits

Different from a teacher's training, this course is focused on YOU becoming powerful, successful and self-actualized! It's about Mastery ~ of the mind, of the body, of the spirit.

This unique experiential journey is more than asana practice. It is for all that want to explore their inner and outer lives, refine their priorities and goals, step into self-mastery, and create new possibilities in life by giving time and attention to the subtle art of yogic practice. 


The physical practice of yoga asana is taught at all levels and is the foundation for true, intentional change. You will learn to use yoga to expand your physical strength, but also to embody your priorities, shift habits and manifest your goals. You will explore different forms of meditation that will give you access to new ways of managing your life. Reading the ancient texts of Patanjali, commentaries by yoga luminaries, B.K.S. Iyengar and Desikchar, and contemporary teachers, Lorin Roche and Ana Forrest, you will learn how yoga philosophy and practice has evolved from ancient to contemporary times, and why yoga matters more than ever in the 21st century. 

Time with guest presenters on topics such as Asana Energetics, Anatomy, the Radiance Sutras, and Life & Money Alignment. You will discover the powerful ways that yoga can change your life beyond the mat. 


We will use yoga asana and mindfulness meditation as the foundation of all that we approach. By applying the physical practice to our mindscape, we increase our ability to be in integrity with ourselves, we will strip away the excess shielding and protection we carry. Shielding often obscures our capability to understand, find solutions, grow and progress in life.

Every class explores a different facet of yoga; it's history, science, philosophy and physical techniques. The course resonates with wisdom and compassion, and takes you to unexpected levels of strength and purpose. Gianna connects these themes directly to our daily lives. It was inspirational."

(J.Barham, film maker).

Class is held one weekend a month from October to June. Each practice is accompanied by an extensive reading list of classical & contemporary texts that are discussed in afternoon Creative Process sessions. The full curriculum explores the history, philosophy, science, techniques, and creative applications of yoga asana, mediation, & self-empowerment to the direction, content and goals of one's life.

Four seasonal ceremonies to cleanse, awaken & honor the take place on a Sunday morning after a Saturday session. Personal Coaching sessions are organized with each student on an individual basis.

Full participation is requested to receive the benefit of this process oriented course. You must commit to the full nine month course regardless of potential or known absences. 

Contact Gianna for upcoming dates and more information.